Compression hosiery — why is it important?

compression stockings for nurses blackCompression stockings for nurses are designed to provide firmer support at the feet and ankles which gradually decreases as it reaches up along the leg. This product is specially designed for those who have venous circulatory problems and those who spend most of their waking time standing, and that means you, nurses.

Long hours spent standing can lead to extreme pain and discomfort to your lower extremity. Study shows that this leads not only to venous disorders, but it decreases the level of alertness and concentration as well. This makes you feel tired and less efficient on the job, and at the same time compromising patient safety.

Wearing compression stockings will make you feel energetic until the end of your shift without ever compromising your duties.

Doctors also benefit from these products, especially during surgery where they are required to remain standing for long hours. For these people, remaining alert and free from discomfort is a top priority. Eradicate symptoms of pain and discomfort, and keep blood pumping at optimum level by wearing compression stockings during your shifts.

Nowadays, you don’t have to wear the same old boring stockings to work every day. Our hosiery for nurses is available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and compression levels. Durable and extremely beneficial for your health, these are highly recommended for use not only during work, but for your day-to-day living as well.

Find more information about compression stockings on wikipedia here.

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